Personnel constitute probably the most valuable asset of your company or organisation. Attacks and threats from political or religious extremists and other criminals to company personnel, both in the UK and abroad, have increased over the past two decades. New threats have emerged from obsessive personalities and stalkers in addition to the traditional hostage takers, kidnappers, and extortionists.

Within your organisation there may be personnel who need or demand, because of their position, greater protection or security consideration. In the UK, this may be due to an assessed threat, a developing situation or assumptions by the person affected. The situation in an overseas high-risk area will be different and the subject of heightened company security policies and contingencies to cope with the higher risk environment.

Dealing with such situations at home where high risks and extremist criminality is not widespread Requires specialist skills, knowledge and understanding. We have considerable experience in the field of HIGH RISK PERSONNEL PROTECTION and can offer you expert advice to suit all your individual needs. Our methodology is developed from current practices used by government security agencies in the fight against terrorism and crime, and we can provide you with practical measures to assist in lowering the risk to individuals, their families and your organisation.

A comprehensive survey of the individual and their environment to identify any areas of vulnerability.

A through report of the threat posed to the principle from the perspective of those who pose the threat.

Concise details of times and locations during which the individual and their family could be at risk and advise how to minimise the threat.

Specific recommendations regarding the most cost effective, efficient and safest methods of protection.

Our HIGH RISK PERSONNEL PROTECTION service has been used successfully by media personalities, chief executives and heads of organisations involved in controversial projects as well as individuals suffering from the unwanted attention of stalkers.