In order for your commercial operation to operate efficiently your premises and sites are reliant upon the integrity and continued availability of the work force, automated systems, essential services and other assets.

For our industrial clients we have developed a KEY POINT SECURITY ASSESSMENT process that identifies current and potential threats and recommends improvements to effectively secure the key elements of your operation. We ensure that the scope of work undertaken is determined with you at the outset. Working closely with you we conduct a security review or full security survey which provides you with a comprehensive and valuable assessment of;

  • The Physical Security of your Premises
  • Control of Access
  • Security of Information: embracing oral, paper hard copy and electronic mediums
  • Personnel Security
  • Company security policies and procedures
  • Full assessment of existing security systems and guarding arrangements

Our assessment will identify your vulnerable areas and provide you with recommended remedial actions required to counter known threats and maintain the security of your operation. This holistic approach to your security concerns and challenges enables the selection of appropriate and cost effective measures to keep your company secure and maintain your peace of mind.