To assist in your requirements, our principals and consultants have enjoyed extensive practise in all areas of corporate security, and are specialists in Threat Assessments and in the necessary commensurate security analysis. This comprehensive knowledge and experience will benefit you in implementing effective corporate protective security advice, policies and procedures.

The start point for our services is a CORPORATE SECURITY SURVEY where, having agreed a programme and the scope of services you require, we conduct a thorough review of your companies existing security arrangements and policies. Typically, we would address the following areas, which may vary depending upon the scale, nature and geographical disposition of your business.

Threat Analysisand Assessment (Home and Global perspectives)

Review of Existing Arrangements, Policies & Procedures, including:

  • Physical Security (All access control, CCTV, IDS and all physical protective measures)
  • Information Security (IT and electronic media, paper documents, oral dissemination)
  • Personnel Security (Including Key Personnel, High Risk Personnel, areas and overseas)
  • Training, Education and Security Awareness
  • Travel & Accommodation Security (High Risk and Overseas areas)

Our comprehensive survey report will incorporate detailed observations on areas of any vulnerability identified in your company's security arrangements. Where appropriate, the observations will be supported with explanatory photographs. Remedial recommendations and specifications will be outlined together with any further enhancements considered necessary.

As an extension of our post CORPORATE SECURITY SURVEY service, we are able to assist in the implementation of recommendations, either in a project management supervisory role, or on a retained basis for larger projects. Many of our corporate clients prefer the retained basis and are therefore able to call upon our expert knowledge and services throughout the year as and when necessary.

Whether or not your company is a home based enterprise or operating on a global scale, our CORPORATE SECURITY services will provide you with the benefit of very knowledgeable and experienced security professionals to secure your company assets, operations and reputation.