Our clients, amajor international petro-chemical companyreported thefts of equipment within one of its major UK plants. We were commissioned to conduct an investigation into these thefts and comment on security. It quickly became clear that there were major physical and procedural vulnerability that rendered the plant vulnerable to further criminal attack. In parallel with the investigation into the thefts, we carried out a full security review of the site, which houses large quantities of volatile, flammable and toxic petro-chemicals. There were also stocks of finished products awaiting shipment attractive to criminals, and sensitive Research and Development information attractive to competitors and information brokers. Our comprehensive report identified various security vulnerabilities that were not previously evident to the company management Following our recommendations, the client was able to act and implement them quickly to secure the site and prevent further breaches of security. The successful investigation into the thefts identified the employee responsible, enabling preventative measures and further legal action to be taken.


Our clients, amajor property management company, reported the theft of critical computer servers from the offices of a tenant company. Our subsequent investigation and follow-up security survey of the whole site identified a number of major procedural and physical security vulnerabilities that had clearly contributed to the computer thefts. The company subsequently retained our services to implement our survey recommendations, write their security policy and procedures manuals, train their in house security guards and continue to act in a consultancy role, advising them on a number of ongoing security issues.


Amajor airline clientwas suffering a protracted industrial dispute at an overseas location at which intimidation and violence was threatened against the airlines work force. We were requested to swiftly undertake a threat assessment of the situation. As a result we were able to recommend and then provide at the request of the client, suitably trained and experienced Protection Officers to protect the airlines work force during the dispute. The Protection Officers provided 24 hours per day coverage of the work place, the home accommodation of the staff and all movements and travel to and from work. As a result of our successful operation, no major incidents occurred and the airline was able to continue their normal operation safely despite the threat of intimidation and violence.


Our clients, an overseas Civil Aviation Authority, requested BFBS Consultants to undertake a total security review of their major International Airport. The aim was to identify any weaknesses in the security operation and make remedial recommendations. Also was the requirement to review systems for automated baggage reconciliation and 100% Hold Baggage Screening. As a result of our comprehensive report we were engaged to project manage the introduction of new security systems and procedures, involving the development and delivery of bespoke training courses, the preparation of written procedures, the preparation of technical tenders for equipment and the preparation of tender documentation for security service providers. We were responsible for the project management and successful commissioning of all the procedures and systems to International security standards.


BFBS Consultants Limited in conjunction with the UK Government conducted a series of aviation security management courses for aviation security policy makers and managers from various countries, including the Indian sub-continent, the Former Soviet Union, South East Asia, North, West and East Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.