At BFBS Consultants Limited we have specialists who can help you with all your Aviation Security Management and Consultancy needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Advice and Guidance on the Tendering Process for Airport and Airline Security Services. To support you with the selection of a service provider, project management at the start of operations and a post start-up quality control audit.
  • Assistance, Guidance and Support on the Recruitment of Aviation Security Managers.

  • Audits and Inspections of airline, airport and Fixed Base Operator (FBO) operations to ensure compliance with International requirements and National Civil Aviation Security Programmes.

  • Authorship of National Civil Aviation Security Programmes, Airline and Airport Security Programmes, Protocols and Procedures.

  • Design and Project Management of the Implementation, Installation, and Commissioning of new Security Systems (on and off airport).

  • Full Security Surveys of airports, including cargo, catering and key facilities.

  • Management of Security Operations.

  • Retained Services to provide ongoing security support and advice to senior management.

  • Surveys and Reviews of airline operating bases, crew hotels and engineering facilities.

  • Security Breach and Incident Investigations.

  • Covert and Overt Testing of security systems and procedures.

  • Training Needs Analysis and Training Record Management.


Other Specialised Services include;

  • Threat Presentations and Advice.
  • Review and Implementation of High Risk Personnel Protection.
  • Overseas High Risk Area Security Review and Advice.
  • Specific Airport and Airline Terrorist Vulnerability Assessments